ABELMKR brings people and projects together

Using technology to reach the people with skills you need.

Why use our app?

An Automated Solution – With Quality People

A web based platform and mobile app that AUTOMATES the process of matching workers with contractors, ensuring that the workers have the required skills requested and that they provide high quality work that has been verified by ratings left by other contractors.

Automate the process

The app does the matching and the worker and contractor make the selections no staffing agency needed

Ensure skills fit

Contractors know workers have right skills for the job. Workers know specifics of the job they’re signing up for.

Raise quality & reliability

Contractors provide worker ratings and feedback that are visible to all which drives high performance.

Our Solution

Value to Worker and Contractor

Value for Workers:

  • Flexibility and ability to build schedule
  • Select jobs that provide more information and are the best fit
  • Ease of use: intuitive interface, no forms, no phone calls

Value for Contractors:

  • Worker ratings and feedback raise quality across the board
  • Quickly get a worker with the right skills and experience every time
  • Ease of use: intuitive interface, no forms, no phone calls


Best solution for workers and contractors



Join the ever growing pool of workers and find work today.



A new days brings a new job. Find jobs quickly with AbelMkr.



Both our workers and contributors happily use AbelMkr.

“I will recommend this application to all my colleagues. If you aren’t sure, always go for ABELMKR.”

Tony – Framer with 5 years of experience

“I like ABELMKR more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. I’d be lost without ABELMKR.”

John Markson – Concrete former from Texas

“ABELMKR impressed me on multiple levels. ABELMKR has completely surpassed our expectations.”

Frank Burk – CEO of construction company in Seattle

“I use ABELMKR on a day to day basis. ABELMKR is exactly what our business has been lacking.”

Nick Holden – Contractor from New York